"There are many opportunities for you to get involved and make a meaningful impact on our kids' lives."

Tuition and Supplies

Can you imagine not having a book bag and school supplies on your first day of school? How would you feel?

Your donations help us to make a change in the lives of those children and help them start the year on the right foot. For as little as $30, you can help impact a child’s life. Join us in the fight against illiteracy and give the gift of a lifelong education to children who need it so much. Access to education and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty remains the core principle of the TCM organization.

Please help us by making a tax deductible donation

Students’ Meals

Our PB&J breakfast program is very important for our TCM children. Many of them leave home for school without eating anything, unfortunately, their parents have nothing to give to them to eat. A child who is hungry and lacks nutrition cannot focus on learning. These children become tired and lethargic before mid-day. Our PB&J breakfast ensures that our children have at least something to start their day.

Besides the PB&J breakfast program, we also deliver groceries to the children, once a month, to help support their family. We are also working on the kitchen renovation in order to provide a hot meal each day for them before they leave school to go home. As we are feeding the minds of our kids, let’s also feed their bodies. This is how they can grow healthy and strong and make the best of this gift of lifelong education that you are giving them.

You can join us in this program by donating to our PB&J breakfast, the TCM kitchen renovation project or the hot meal program. We need your support to continue to provide assistance in all aspects for our children

School Rehabilitation & Maintenance Project

    Many of the schools in the rural areas of Haiti are distressed schools that require a lot of repairs, maintenance and sometimes a total rehabilitation. Institution St. Louis, in mango Marrion, Petit-Goâve Haiti is one of those schools in need of a total renovation. Unfortunately, the school has no means to proceed with the improvements that must be accomplished. TCM is dedicated in the renovation of those schools to help them remain open and to continue to educate and empower the TCM children.


  • Full renovation of the St. Louis School
  • Build separate sanitation latrines for boys and girls
  • Provide safe drinking water
  • Blackboards & students desks for classroom


Our goal is to raise $110,000 over a period of 2 years

  • $10 Buy a brick will make a difference
  • $25 Materials for construction
  • $40 Tables/Benches and blackboards
  • $50 Sports and recreation field
  • $100 School equipment
  • $150 Operating expenses
  • $200 Construction costs & labor
  • $250 Coordination and consultant costs
  • $300 Solar powered electric lighting

Tutoring Support

Tutoring is a very important part of TCM’s success. Most of the children cannot get the help with homework at home because their parents cannot read and write, therefore, they are unable to assist them with the teacher’s assignments. 

We need our tutors. Most of them are volunteers, but we still need to give them a stipend because they do not have means of transportation to their respective location to tutor.

Without our tutors, a lot of our children would have failed. Thankfully, the dedication of our tutors and the program has helped our children to improve and continue to progress.

$100.00 a month pays 1 tutor for children’s tutoring

Coordinator Support

Our volunteers and program coordinator are the backbone of our program in Haiti. Without them there would be no TCM. Besides the chaotic situation in Haiti, their dedication, and loyalty to the organization is commendable.

Our program coordinator helps manage and oversee all the projects and programs at TCM. He works with the local community and is responsible for the community outreach and parents education as well.

Help us support our project coordinator by making a donation.

Childrens Events and Celebrations

Our TCM children are a testimony that kids everywhere should be happy and we make sure to include different types of events and celebrations in our program, such as:

  • Graduation
  • Christmas Party
  • Flag Day
  • Craft Day
You too can be part of our celebration by donating.

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